Donald Trump had zero knowledge or understanding of how our nation’s government works, and look at him now! President of the f’n United States!! Heather Nauert knew someone who once worked in the government office, and happens to have been an anchor at the highly respected Fox News Channel before Trump plucked her from the ranks of Fox News to be the State Department spokeswoman. 

Now, look at her! President Trump intends to nominate her as the United States ambassador to the United f’n Nations; replacing Nikki Haley, formerly the South Carolina governor. What can go wrong!?

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Hugh Parsons is a retired brick layer / mason and has had it with all the liberal garbage out there! He hates fact-checkers that tend to ruin the party he brings. His stories fit the far-right narrative so well that you may have to ask, is this really good or even real at all?

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