The average age of President Trump’s Whitehouse Cabinet is about to become a bit lower. 

Hopefully there are more than a few that are well over ten.

Since no one has accepted the job for his chief of staff, President Trump has turned to DC’s massive pool of unpaid interns — all of them are well over ten.

They’re age range of this group of interns is 19 – 45, and the salary is very agreeable at zero. 

“It’s more of a hobby, a really grueling near-slavery hobby, and I love it!” says Julie Fortheve, a senior intern for the assistant to the custodian’s pet rat.

“It would be an honor to be apart of President Trump’s cabinet, even though the position is offered by an insolvent organization, I’m used to that!” exclaimed Gues Zansifre.

“Please let it be some kind of gladiator style, winner-takes-all, format so I can chop off some heads and clear out the swamp!” said Heather Hathaway as secret service carted her away. 

We all wait anxiously to see who will be the next ex-chief of staff for President Trump.

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