David Berry Jr, his father and two brothers made up a ring of poachers who killed hundreds of deer for their heads.

As a part of Junior’s punishment, the Judge ordered him to watch Bambi once a month. Hopefully to make him believe that deer and their woodland kind actually talk. Thus negating his blood-lust and thirst for large 10 point deer heads.

Unfortunately the Disney movie has a scene that has fascinated Davy boy. A fire drives out all the forest’s creatures, including the deer. This was something Berry hadn’t considered before, and it could work to his advantage!

I’ve never seen nothin’ like it. The second time [David Berry Jr.] watched that children’s show he gotta gleam in his eye and begin drooling a bit. Jr then sorta seemed to tear up, I don’t think he blinked once during that entire fire scene. The dude’s sick!

Deputy Benson, Ozark County Jail

So upon his release look for reports of the Ozarks reportedly in flames with a laughing Bambi-loving poacher enjoying his new found passion. Fire.

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Hugh Parsons is a retired brick layer / mason and has had it with all the liberal garbage out there! He hates fact-checkers that tend to ruin the party he brings. His stories fit the far-right narrative so well that you may have to ask, is this really good or even real at all?

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