President Trump in all his wisdom may have done the impossible: Passed a law that Liberals support and Conservatives scoff at.

Alyssa knows what’s up.

Now Huffington Post, The Young Turks and all the other progressive networks are having a complaint crisis. They certainly don’t want to support the president, but this move aligns with them.

When I found out about the bump stock ban I felt sick and at the same time warm and fuzzy. It was the worst moment of my life.

Cenk Uygur‘s reaction to the news that he always wanted to hear, but from a progressive president.

The NRA is up in arms about the decision. Especially since they had paid more than 150 Million for over a decade to the Republican party who is supposed to be on our side.

Thankfully, in response, the NRA have already begun incorporating fuzzy pink gun straps and bullseye targets instead of human silhouettes into their marketing and media.

The NRA has also started a “Thanks to my bump stock …” campaign to show how important and appropriate is is for Law Abiding Citizens to be able to not only arm themselves, but have a fighting chance with any criminal who didn’t turn in their bump stock. I mean they’re criminals right? Not suspects or offenders — C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L-S.

What can you do? Send the @potus a message. Let him know money has been donated and legally given to A LOT of members of congress with the understanding that no part of the 2nd Amendment would be infringed upon.

Dana Loesch, NRA Spokeswoman

You can also plead with @DLoesch to do her job and take congress to task on preserving the rights to bear as many guns as we want, however we want.

I ain’t gonna quit givin’ my hard-earned money to them NRA fellas until I can weld a set of miniguns onto my Ford Bronco for some real ‘merican pig huntin’!

Bud Williams, Local trash collector and gun enthusiast.

Don’t worry conservative compadres. Dana will get us out of this jam. The NRA is not just amazing, it will outspend anyone to get our message heard!

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