‘Twas the night before Christmas, when at the Whitehouse,
President Trump busy tweeting, lib’ral fears to espouse;
Republicans waiting in the Senate with care,
But their democrat counterparts had vanished like air;

At home Ms Pelosi was snug in her bed;
In her mind’s eye Trump’s wall already dead;
And Mother in her pearls, and Pence in his suit,
Were excited that Mad Dog had gotten the boot.

When out on the south lawn arose such a clatter,
It was Barack Hussein Obama running with a ladder!
To the window secret service flew like a flash,
As Trump yelled “Stop Obama, give Iran no more cash!”

Agents appeared; shocked by Obama’s new low,
“But I promised,” O said, Trump replied “Uh, hell no!”
Meanwhile in the senate, repubs let out a cheer
Their exuberance apparent to all that were near.

With a house budget document four inches thick
They drew up wall plans, built with cement and brick.
More rapid than taxes their ideas, they came,
They plotted, and penciled, and praised Mr. Trump’s name.

“Hey, Ryan! Hey, Collins! Hey Rubio and Graham!
Come look at this beauty, illegals be damned!
To the top of the sky we’ll build this great wall!
They’ll stay away! keep away! far away all!”

Now one might be wondering why the dems were not there,
Just repub’s were working the holiday—not fair;
So here’s a quick fact you may have not known
Democrats don’t like work, their duties often postponed.

The dems on vacation, their seats all unused,
Wasted tax dollars, you see, all their paychecks misused.
They all had gone home over the long Christmas break
Leaving government closed, whiny bunch of snowflakes.

The people who suffer at the democrats lack
Are our neighbor’s and family, let’s pray they bounce back.

Pelosi and Schumer, Biden and Barry
Are responsible for the weight that Trump does now carry.
Our country, God Bless Her, has reached a new low
When “bipartisanship” is such a shit show.

Step one of Trump’s plan, a wall he bequeathed, 
To the Senate and House, the chambers beneath.
The money he wanted, it really seemed silly
That no one would give it, not even Slick Willie. 

“We need a yuge wall,” agreed Trump’s chief of Staff, 
“To stop the drug runners, the murderers, the riffraff.
Mollie Tibbetts murdered, Ronil Singh killed,
More powerful reasons why a wall we must build!”

The dems were all missing but Trump would not stop
With demanding his wall, he wants it chop chop!
The master negotiator, Trump, (he’s our man)
And the repubs will win, they will and they can

While the dem’s were all absent with holiday pay,
Trump’s republican’s worked as they do everyday
And we heard them decry as they worked through the night,
“We’ll get you your wall, Mr Trump, cause you’re right!”

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A woman of God riding the Trump train to a better America.

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