Giving reporters her "Islamic Attitude"

In a huge victory for Christians everywhere. The Koran has been deemed an invalid and potentially illegal use of a “religious” manuscript.

Although Jesus taught his disciples to avoid making judgements of others with different faiths he didn’t know that these Islamic worshipers were going to be burning people alive!

So the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled 5-4 against using the Koran for anything other than scrap paper. the tie-breaker was none other than Brett Kavanaugh who struck down the use of the Quran like a Lib at a Trump rally!

I don’t know what these Democrats are thinking but I can tell you this. We are a nation of Christians and we’re done tolerating other religions!

Brett Kavanaugh in the hallowed halls of the United States.

When you see these Muslim women, remind them that their place is not among America’s elite, it’s back in Syria where they can gas you and get a slap on the wrist!

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  • so omar and other muslims in congtrss r invalid bc they used it to swear in KICK THEM OUT PLZ PLUS they cant use bible bc they dont believe in it so their oath wouldnt mean anything(not that it does anyways)