Minecraft developer Markus Persson recently made an announcement, stating he and the Mojang team are adding newly colored skins in Minecraft PC. A requested anonymous source reported to the press after a recent interview that they overheard a conversation between Persson and his developers, in which he clearly stated,

“Children need to be taught to respect people of all races. this country cannot fall to republican eyes and ways.”

This person also stated that they was very surprised to hear him conversing with his developers in such a direct and meaningful manner about republicans, and that they were sure to think the conversation was not meant to be overheard.

Developers believe that because minecraft is a game being used all over the U.S., many kids will be affected and almost forced to believe in african american and mexican rights, almost certainly influencing the face of the future and the laws that are to be changed.

Also, a rumor was brought up and is spreading that Markus Persson did not create this idea himself, and that it was recommended by a player of the game whose own skin is dark like that of a Mexicans. The player requested to have more colors of skin to add into the game because it “did not make him feel comfortable” wearing the color that did not fit his own, and that he would feel “more at home” in his own skin rather than that of an Americans, he also stated that he would feel “more accepted into America if people expanded on their views of people and races, and changed things to fit everybody’s unique individuality, such as his own.” Markus Persson agreed tremendously and decided on a whim to add more colors to the worldwide and famous Minecraft game.

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