Nathan Larson is a former conservative of the GOP. But Democrats support pedophilia, so now he suffers from Liberalism .

Sources close to Nancy Pelosi recently disclosed that the congresswoman from California is considering Nathan Larson, former GOP candidate turned Democrat, as her next Chief of Staff to fill the position recently vacated by longtime staffer Nadeam Elshami.

Nathan Larson, who recently ran a failed campaign in Virginia’s 10th congressional district is an admitted pedophile and rapist who’s platform included “legalizing child pornography as well as incestuous marriage.”

After Larson was met with a sound defeat by the democratic candidate, Jennifer Wexton, and reportedly went into a deep depression. After seeking several months of therapy, Larson renounced his proclivity towards violence and racism and moved his political affiliations far to the left – seeking out Nancy Pelosi’s office for an internship.

When Pelosi heard of Larson’s change of heart in all regards other than pedophilia, she instructed her staff to set up a private meeting. Larson apparently said all the right things because a few short weeks later, Larson was meeting with Pelosi regularly about campaign issues and slogans.

Pelosi and Obama think pedophiles are misunderstood and should be treated equally under the law.

Pelosi, a long-time democrat and California resident, has been a staunch advocate of accepting people for who they are, whether they are transgender, non-binary, gay, lesbian, black, brown, green, or any other sexual orientation or color but orange, so it comes as no surprise that Larson has found a new home in her camp.

Of course, after the news that long-time democrat associate Jeffrey Epstein had been convicted of having sex parties with minors, is it any surprise that an admitted pedophile could be the right hand man to the most important political figure of the democratic party? We think not.

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