On January 22, 2019, New York passed a law legalizing abortion up to any point prior to delivery. Any baby can be terminated for hardly any reason at all so long as a woman can get a medical professional to agree that the woman’s life is endangered.

Endangerment of one’s life seems to be a sweeping generalization that could be used in almost any circumstance; driving to work? Your life is in danger. Have an abusive partner? Your life may be in danger. Unemployed and homeless? Your life is almost certainly in danger.

As if this new law alone wouldn’t be enough to rile even the most questionably pro-life of us, New York is also allowing non-surgical medical personnel to perform abortions. What does this mean?

New York is launching a new medical program for Red-Ribbon Nurses. What is a red-ribbon nurse? A small subsection of the extensive abortion law document allows for a child to be delivered via c-section or induction prior to it’s actual due date and then left with a red ribbon tied to its toe indicating to the available medical professionals that the child should be abandoned to die.

A specially trained Red-Ribbon nurse will be summoned to remove the child where-upon it will be terminated. The abandoned child will not be given a name or birth certificate and will eventually end up in a medical waste bin for other scientific procedures as a recent PBS article outlined.

This is an abomination against everything that humankind should hold true and dear, and we need to speak out against it. New York is setting a dangerous and disgusting precedent that is unfathomable to behold. Liberals like to compare President Trump to Hitler, but this latest act out of New York is like a page taken from the Holocaust.

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  • God help us! It is a page from the Holocaust. These people need to be terminated-not the poor little babies! What’s next? Gas ovens for senior citizens manned by a ‘nurse’ with a black arm band?

    • that ‘s here , but people blind by lies, those black banded ones are infection disease control doctrs, like abortion doctors, , here is how , nothing newe under the sun, they took syphilis renamed it, called it hiv/aids, then they kill now slowly and generationally, depopulation using healable bacteria , now called virus, virus is medical code for give no antibiotic, you are the virus to them, human vurus on planet earth infection disease control doctors are sanctioned to use infected ones as experiments and then discard, of course they selective heal , they heal you if they want you to live, the dark banded ones are here already abortion doctors and hiv/aids doctors are sanctioned executioners for money, they do depopulation agenda secretly, no such thing as hiv/aids, media hype planted a lie, you all bought it , hiv/aids is the weaponization of syphilis , for depopulation and selective healing,, you way behind the game , lisel sipe, you need to play ketchup, very serious about what I shared , I have proof to this is going on, deep state world health, goal 500,000,000, million only , from 7 billion, to a managed world, syphilis relabeled , weaponized , you probably can not receive it yet

  • Souls
    Niagara Falls, NY
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  • the Lord is given many sign already , this evil of murdering babies inside outside of womb, will be judged if we as nation don’t stop , it , the God of Israel will get your attention , if you don’t stop this evil, the media has played major role in dis information, and the people been sent strong delusion,

      • what scary is the people who are formed in God’s image when they grow up then kill others who are growing into God’s image, these that grow up and kill , stop others from living, that’s what scary , it’s written into every soul good and evil, , mental delusional, not to know good and evil

      • Our God of Israel is our nearest kinsmen redeemer, our goel, , the muslim god he is not scary just evil, you see my God of Israel as scary, ? really normal minds see Him as their substitutionary ssacrifice in their place for sin, like murdering babies, they see this my God of Israel as loving and incredible , a father figure , you though are blind right now cause you hate Him the God of Israel, , look into that dark dreary heart , open the shades let the light shine in, before you end up in a fire , eternally, Russian roulette with your eternity and one , follow ohnoodlyone , may end up in hell fire , follow the scriptures , there a plan of salvation, provided , only one way, , only one, one only needed, and it’s was made available to those who will repent , only them , does noodly understand ,

        • I have a father already, why would I want another? Are you threatening me? Why do you think I hate someone in Israel? I’ve never even been there. Why should anyone follow scriptures? They’re not going anywhere. When I said your god is scary, I was just joking. I’m not afraid of your imaginary friend. You’re much more dangerous. Freakin old white men with ancient superstition. Blech.

  • I’m not able to corroborate this anywhere. The only Red Ribbon Nurses (I am a nurse) taht I’m aware of have to do with documentation of foreign nurses in the Phillipines.

  • t’s absolutely evil disgusting , God of Israel wrote into everyones spirit the knowledge of good and evil, commonsense alone tells you , you don’t kill babies at any stage , Cuomo the butcher of babies, check please is he on cocaine or something , they will bring judgement down on the nation, this is evil

    • Everyone I have to tell you a message from God of Israel, He says judgement is coming if you don’t repent , the blood of the innocent cries out to me , the cup is almost full, He will not stand by as you slaughter the children . United States , you are on notice , stop the killings, or God of Israel will, beware fellow united states citizens, allowing this evil makes you an enemy of truth and your own laws , right to life , liberty and pursuit of happiness, you kill babies dening them life , liberty and pursuit of happiness, , you have become evil gruesome nation , evil vile people

    • Babies are delicious, especially with pesto. Put em on the grill for about 10 minutes, flip them once, cook another 10 minutes. Perfection!

      • You really must of had something bad happen to you in your life time to talk like this. And I’m so sorry for the life your living,You are still hearing that still small voice and rejecting it . But If you keep rejecting it You will regret it for the rest of your life. Now go ahead say something sarcastic, that’s fine , God is who you will deal with not me. Prayers.

      • ohnoodlyone , you are vile, the police should be at your door , investigating , are you eating babies? without natural affections, , mental case for sure to talk like that, but really the police need to investigate a comment like that , more likely you are eating them

        • one other thing to you citizens of these united states, , I saw , as I was in the spirit, out of body experience for you flakes, I saw 5 nukes, hit the u.s. from new york to Chicago, I viewed from outside my body, I was above north America in the spirit, I could make out well the great lakes and the entire north America, I saw huge mushroom clouds go up, I then asked God of Israel how they would get the bombs into the country, and he showed me in a dream, this out of body experience was no vision, no dream, , I was taken up in the spirit, but God , 5 cities will be coming to hell fire as it is dropped on them suddenly , suddenly , God of Israel will stop you, he has many ways, raising up an enemy, sending a meter, what ever, baby butchering in or out of the womb, is vile evil, sophisticated people , yet killing babies, money for babies ?

          • probably the best way to stop u.s. is bring it down, God of Israel you can move our tech tonic plates, shift the north America , north, make it the new north pole , freeze it in it’s tracks, if they repent shift it back, but it’s time oh Lord God for you to intervene, for good men tried to persuade evil doers, and right now the evil doers are getting away with vile evil, don’t destroy the nation, just bring it to it’s senses, giving it a loving heart and make law adoption not murder , adoption choosing life , honoring the gift of life given to the conceived person, womb is like the ark of the covenant , in it housed the things of God of Israel ,

          • Y’all focused on the baby-eater comments and completely ignoring this creepy false-profit saying all this creepy & disturbing stuff about things that are gonna happen to the US. Can the feds please investigate this psycho and make sure he ain’t some terrorist. Sheesh

      • a seed when it ‘s planted and starts to grow , that’s a life, human life being more precious and holy then any other life cause it is the image of God of Israel, the body is the vessels that holds the gift of life from the creator, those that kill others people experience to know God are actually determining their own eternal fate, murder , has a eternal death sentence, and a destination in eternal torment a fire , that burns forever, those involved in such practices all have a hand in it, and are guilty, the gift of life to and individual is sacred, who are you to say who gets to live and die, those that do it , and have a hand in helping , nurses, doctors, mother, father , the clinic, the government that allows it, sanctions it, the people who fund it, all will perish, fools to think you can legalize murder and not be judged, to hell, the nations that forget God of Israel, are turned into hell, you have had progressive judgements already u.s. now, see how over the 200 year of your nationhood , you have departed from God of Israel, your past the point where your children are dashed in the streets, you actual have , attack, loosing and slavery , death and exile coming , cause you are blind, and do see or choose to ignore the warning, people warning you , and the signs given by the creator, invasion, will it be china, Russia, mexico, , will be attack from Russia north korea, , I can tell you as you rip up life in the mother womb, and kill those people, you will be ripped up as a nation, the enemy will slaughter you as you slaughtered the children, you deserve it , pay taxes, you, you also have a hand in the share , your part , you earned it , disgusting , stop the killing of all developing humans

  • The USA as now slaughtered more than 10x the number who died in the Holocaust. The entire population of Charlotte, NC (per last census taken) 70.5x, yes, 70 & 1/2 times the entire population of Charlotte, slaughtered. This atrocity must end. This is not a right or left issue, this is a life or death issue. Is it wrong to take the life of another human being? Yes, you’ll be incarcerated if you do. Science has now shown and the Harvard Law journal stated that unborn children are just that, they are human and entitled to protection as any other person would be. So, if it’s wrong to take the life of another person, and we now KNOW a child in the womb is another person, it is wrong to take the life of an unborn child. Not right or left, just right or wrong.

  • by the way, sheep, look under the article about the woman who wrote it. Her name is Mary Parsons. Please, look. Read.

  • Snopes says the RHA allows abortion if the mother’s health is at risk and/or the fetus is non-viable. There is absolutely nothing about ‘red ribbon’ nurses or death squads or medical practitioners leaving babies to die. As usual, lunatics taking the absolute worst and twisting it into something grotesque.

    • Have you seen the site this article is posted on? It’s just to scare them into submission, and they eat this shit up! It’s hysterical!

  • This is really against the law but no one is doing anything to help these future dying babies. We are a nation of ghouls, and accomplices to these murders!! Mr President, what are you going to do?