It's simple: forego vaccines and avoid autism

The measles outbreak in Clark County Washington, and Rockland County New York has many families concerned for the safety of their children.

The outbreak has infected nearly 200 people so far, mostly children. One doctor is out for the truth about vaccinations. Vaccines cause autism, full stop.

Even President, Donald Trump saw the reasons to avoid vaccines all together back in 2011:
The man knows how nefarious vaccines truly are.

Dr. Noneatsm took note of a very important and grossly overlooked fact the CDC isn’t keepng from the public regarding this recent outbreak. Not one child has autism.

These children are all free of autism. Not one has any of the classical signs of what we know as the result of vaccines in children. Every one of these children’s parents assured me that the kids weren’t vaccinated (autisic) as I was carted out of each of the emergency rooms, not a single one. PROOF POSITIVE that vaccines cause autism!

Dr. Kyle Noneatsm

Measles, mumps and rhubella were all but eliminated from the face of the earth in 2000. But as what cost. Autism. We can’t allow such a horrific thing continue to transpire under our noses. Whooping cough, chicken pox, black plague? Nothing is worse for our children or communities than the manufactured plague of Autistic kids society must endure.

Don’t take our word for it. » CLICK HERE « for more information.
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