The 11 year old “Drag Superstar” known as “Desmond is Amazing” has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by former recipient President Barack Hussein Obama.

Mr. Obama met Desmond during the Seattle Pride Parade in 2016 when Desmond was featured as a tenured drag queen at the tender age of 9. Mr. Obama was impressed with the youngster’s tenacity and ability to apply eye-liner while strolling along 4th Avenue.

According to Mr. Obama’s official White House photographer, Pete Sousa, Mr. Obama spoke with Desmond for about 3 minutes about what Desmond’s future plans were. Desmond, being extremely young and immature, assured Mr. Obama that his future plans included many more appearances as the “Amazing” as well as some shows that supported homosexuals and the LGBQT movement.

Desmond’s mother, Wendy, has some hesitation at Mr Obama’s nomination of her son as a Peace Prize recipient. “Desmond has been doing drag since he was very young, at 2 or 3 years old he was interested in wearing my clothes and strutting the cat walk. I don’t know that anything he’s doing is worthy of such an honor.”

Mr Obama, however, sees it quite differently. “For a youngster of Desmond’s age to have such a clear perspective of his mission in life; to end genderism, blend the so-call ‘sexes’ into one another, and finally finish the stigma of ‘biological’ gender decision making at birth is impressive to me. We need more young people willing to stand up and speak out about these kinds of issues. Michelle and I feel strongly about this because of our own personal experiences with gender questions.”

Fuuliz Kraph, spokesperson for the Norwegian Nobel Committee, responded to our inquiry via email and said, “Young Desmond is on our short list for consideration. He truly embody the fearless contributions of humanity to the causes that we hold most dear; removing boundaries, uplifting the low-class, and empowering the voiceless. I, personally, am very keen to see what Desmond is Amazing brings to the world view in the future.”

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