The Cherokee dream-catcher transmitter can transmit its signal up to 250,000 miles away.

The leaders of America’s Cherokee Nation have come forward to apologize for their usage of their ancient technology casually known as dream-catchers, to monitor the activities and conversations of unaware American politicians.

This ancient tech formally called asabikeshiinh, was originally created by the Cherokee tribe to serve as a baby monitor for their children. But because the signal could reach as far as two moons travel time away it was later used to spy on neighboring tribes.

The receiver is usually made of anything from fur, skins, teeth, or shells. But the best reception comes from feathers. Typically the more feathers the better reception.

At one point two European tourists traveling westward mistook a head babysitter as the chief because of her ornate headdress of feathers and aging butterface.

Their names were Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske who later created the reviled Siemens & Halske enigma machine for the Germans.

The Cherokee used ancient technology already available to them to create the gvnadena galvloi kanane’sgi network. A network so sophisticated that it’s still not completely understood.

The NSA has been alerted and President Trump will hopefully put a stop to their seemingly innocent practice of making their dream-catcher devices.

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