As if the NFL needs more controversy, a tiny little pitbull puppy went off the rails and gnawed off Colin Keapernick’s entire leg, just past the knee.

“I happened so fast!” said the head ref, “During the National Anthem I heard some commotion and looked over to see Colin screaming in pain and this cute little puppy dragging his leg over to the Patriots bench!”

Colin had decided at the wrong time to demonstrate against the oppression and obvious disparity between police reactions between white Americans and black Americans.

Now he’s out an NFL contract and a leg. Poor Colin!

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Hugh Parsons is a retired brick layer / mason and has had it with all the liberal garbage out there! He hates fact-checkers that tend to ruin the party he brings. His stories fit the far-right narrative so well that you may have to ask, is this really good or even real at all?

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