On the heals of the latest uproar centered around New York and Virginia, a shocking new study released by the Henry K Kaiser Family Foundation has shown an eye-raising correlation between breast cancer and late-term abortions.

Cynthia Cox is Director for the Program for the Study of Health Reform and Private Insurance for the Kaiser Family Foundation. Early in 2016 Ms Cox’s cousin, Aldeana Cox, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Alda Cox and Cynthia Cox were very close, The Cox women had grown up in Vermont and neighboring New Hampshire and had lost several upstanding members of the community over the years to breast cancer.

When Cynthia learned of Alda’s diagnosis, she was understandable heartbroken and sought to help in any way. While researching alternative medicine options, Cynthia began to notice a pattern of excessive breast cancer diagnoses in certain regions including Vermont and New Hampshire. She brought her observations to the lead research technician at KFF, Dr Esther Dicks.

Dr Dicks began an extensive study into the breast cancer rates of New Hampshire and Vermont, eventually to include Alaska, Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and DC. The findings of her team of researchers were jaw-dropping: women who reside in these states were 87.2% more likely to develop breast cancer.

To the layman, these statistics might be shocking, but what do they really mean? What do these states have in common to affect such a high risk? Well, prior to 2019 seven states and the DC area allowed abortion without restriction: Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and Vermont. In these states, a woman can obtain an abortion at any point in her pregnancy without restriction. The same regions with the uptick in breast cancer rates.

Dr Dicks has a hypothesis, and her and the team are working to attempt to prove it correct. Science has already shown that an expectant mother has the DNA of her baby in her bloodstream during pregnancy, it’s what has led to some of the latest genetic testing abilities. Dr Dicks believes that when the baby is murdered in utero during the third trimester, the DNA of the dead injured baby cells escapes into the mothers breast tissue and gets lodged in the milk ducts and there begins to fester into malignant cancerous tissue.

The good news? Dr Dicks may be on to stopping this type of breast cancer. The bad news? Women who murder their babies need to be extra cautious about seeing their doctor’s for their yearly mammograms or they may find themselves in dire straits. Well, maybe that’s good news too.

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