Did Dana Loesch Tweet Mass Shooting American TraditionIn a now deleted tweet by Dana Loesch, the NRA’s voice of reason said what we are all already thinking. The recent Aurora mass shooting is a tradition of American values. Likely referring to the mass shooting at a theater in Aurora just six years ago and the recent shooting at a manufacturing plant.

The deleted tweet was screen-grabbed by our publisher just before it was taken down. In it you can see that Mrs. Loesch referred to the shooting “like the American Tradition in Aurora.”

The now replaced Tweet is below. But it doesn’t really matter, the words are there forever. We are with you Dana. The second amendment is in your hands, don’t let the Libs kill American tradition!


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Hugh Parsons is a retired brick layer / mason and has had it with all the liberal garbage out there! He hates fact-checkers that tend to ruin the party he brings. His stories fit the far-right narrative so well that you may have to ask, is this really good or even real at all?

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