George Conway Divorce Kellyanne

George Conway Esquire has had enough of his wife. All she does is rave about how wonderful Donald Trump is and how amazing his administration is.

Mr. Kellyanne has relentlessly rebuked and made fun of our President several times. From the start of Trump’s campaign up to just hours ago Mr. Kellyanne once again had a pucker-faced tweet about President Trump’s immigration initiative.

Of course the president wouldn’t let Conway’s toxic masculinity get in the way of running an entire country. Well maybe just for one tweet.

So what does GeoCon do? Writes an OpEd about his own president. Another example of the type of abuse Kellyanne and her kids most likely endure every day.

We are with you Kellyanne!

Despite all the bickering, Mr. Kellyanne is certain to keep the upper-hand, there’s a handicap in golf, but not on twitter.

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