AJAM Border Militia
The members of a Border Recon take a group photo before heading back from ominous weather. For some in the group, it is their first time out. They use this time as a vetting process for newcomers.

Illegal immigration is a big problem in Texas. Hundreds of thousands of aliens cross our southern border illegally each and every single day. Instead of deploying active duty service men and women to protect our border a controversial move to hand over control of security to military combat veterans.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE have quietly been approved a limited run of recent Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans to move to and around the southern border as a countermeasure to the caravans of families pouring over the Texas border to pick fruit and vegetables, directly impacting the economy.

Each veteran will be given roughly 100 acres of land; a bunker style home with an underground storage facility with enough weapons and ammo to annihilate anyone who crosses the nearby border without proper permission.

The mastermind behind this plan, acting director, Mark A. Morgan has drafted a license to kill so to speak for these veterans. Mr Morgan notes that many of these men and women suffer from PTSD and may “over-do-it” when guarding the border. We can only imagine what that means.

So far 1,400 veterans have been selected. The majority of them are without families of their own ensuring a clean start for many of these hardened war heroes.

This program named Strategic Homesteading of Infantry Teams will begin as early as November of this year. We will monitor this exciting development as it unfolds.

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