Started in the boardroom of the Apollo 11, So Right It Hurts began as the inner demons of frustrated citizens who were certain that the actual filming of the moon landing happened in the deserts of Nevada. After many years searching for proof of Area 51, contradictory evidence of global warming, and time spent wooing members of the Flat Earth Society, the founders of SRIH struck out on their own to turn the tide of American history.

So Right It Hurts members have been witness to many of America’s defining moments; the assassination of JFK, the arrival of the Mayflower, and the Battle of Waterloo just to name a few. We bring you the unadulterated falsified twisted picture that tinfoil-hat wearers yearn to hear and do so with enough truth and saltiness that occasionally you may have to fact check. (Never mind, Snopes is owned by that liberal cad Soros and our stories are much more interesting, anyways.)

So Right It Hurts is always on the cutting edge of the latest stories, our 3,200 accredited glorified “journalists” are on top of every breaking news event bringing you the true facts as they can only be reported on by people who do not work for the #fakenews organizations like CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, and MSNBC. We do not delve into foolishness based upon peer review, but lend our credence to our glorious President, Donald J Trump, and our news soul siblings, Fox News, Fox and Friends, Breitbart, The Daily Caller and the Daily Mail.

So please, sit back, enjoy our show, and don’t forget; this is parody and nothing but bullshit.