Hugh Parsons

Hugh Parsons is a retired brick layer / mason and has had it with all the liberal garbage out there! He hates fact-checkers that tend to ruin the party he brings. His stories fit the far-right narrative so well that you may have to ask, is this really good or even real at all?

How the Democrats Dismantled the CDC

Dr. Lieber along with Chinese national Dr. Wei Wong have since been arrested but the charges have been obfuscated from treason to lying.

Chinese Nationals Spreading COVID-19

Check out some of this footage where people are doing their best to spread the virus!
Yes, Omar is amazing

Ilhan Omar Says Muslim Families Are More Civilized

In just ten minutes the Hamas Caucus Representative Omar had children of color cheering and white children crying.

Greta Thunberg’s Soros Connection

The best speech writers on Earth got together under Soros' puppeteering and fed a poor autistic girl one big lie after another.

Stephen King Finally Get’s it — Trump is America

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