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andrew cuomo

New York Governor Announces Extreme Measures to Combat Measles Outbreak

Cuomo is recruiting inoculated medical professionals and care volunteers from outside of the borough to assist in what he feels will be a major medical internment center for the remainder of the outbreak.

Look Out, Virginia: Abortion Leads To Breast Cancer

Women with late-term abortions are 90% more likely to develop breast cancer!

Ocasio-Cortez Pushes Free Houses For Immigrants

They are already receiving free healthcare, food, education, and travel expenses away from the border.

Desmond Napoles on Short List for Nobel Peace Prize

To end genderism, blend the so-call 'sexes' into one another, and finally finish the stigma of 'biological' gender

Obama Meant To Build Border Wall: Where’s The Money Now?

President Barrack Hussein Obama was given nearly $7 billion to begin building a wall along 1,300 miles of the United States southern border