Slippery Slope

This is where we create a mountain out of a mole hill.

President Trump has another athlete in his crosshairs. Her name is Megan Rapinoe. Never mind her amazing skills or the fact the US women's team is the worlds most dominant soccer team. Think about this instead: soccer sensation, Megan Rapinoe danced and stomped on the American flag during a...
Because they were sworn in with the Quran their positions in office are illegitimate at best, and illegal at worst.
Instead of deploying active duty service men and women to protect our border a controversial move to hand over control of security to military combat veterans.
Ten Muslim men were hospitalized after inhaling toxic fumes found to be from poisons released when burning American Flags. Little Mogadishu, Minnesota, also known as Minneapolis, is rampant with violence with Somali gangs at its core. More so now that they are emboldened from the likes of Ilhan Omar and...
The Minaret would be nearly twice as tall as the original spire and at the peak, there would be a statue of the Virgin Mary holding the Islamic Cresent moon above her head.