We have made this claim. The reason it cannot be proven or verified is because the truth is being hidden, suppressed and/or the evidence has been destroyed by a group of two or more people. Usually the Illuminati.

Despite the tongue-lashing Representative Pelosi and Senator Schumer received, both dug in their heels and flatly denied President Trump's ultimatum.
The average age of President Trump's Whitehouse Cabinet is about to become a bit lower.  https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1072483770819846144 Since no one has accepted the job for his chief of staff, President Trump has turned to DC's massive pool of unpaid interns — all of them are well over ten. They're age range of this...
Donald Trump had zero knowledge or understanding of how our nation's government works, and look at him now! President of the f'n United States!! Heather Nauert knew someone who once worked in the government office, and happens to have been an anchor at the highly respected Fox News Channel before...
Embattled, former Secretary of State Rocks, I mean, Rex Tillerson has placed himself at Lehigh Hanson quarry in his home state of Texas to be with his kind.
On the heels of the absurd tactics of Ranked Choice Voting by the Libs in a pathetic attempt to undermine the righteous right out of office.